Ways Winslow's Winning Solutions Solves Problems.

It all depends on the problem!

There are a wide variety of options for us to use to help you solve your dilemma. From Performance Aids to Course Authoring and Instructor-Led Training, let us help you navigate your solutions.

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June 2021

This project is an example of our first Rise quick authoring course. Our subject is interesting in the fact that most of those who helped us with feedback were completely unaware of this product, much like ourselves when we started.

We did what any IDs would do-we dug into the material and learned a lot about the product. We then created this Rise course to show what we, and Rise, could do. 

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Therapy Session

Worthy Causes

Sexual Assault Prevention Training  Module

One of our first contracts was to create a Storyline product for a coalition to prevent sexual abuse to create training for their new volunteers. While this was just a module, and although we did not possess the voice-over audio or the questions at the end, we felt that helping them out with what they needed was a service well worth doing.