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Solving Your
eLearning Problems

Your eLearning solutions depend on your needs. Let us help you find a solution that works!

There are a wide variety of options for us to use to help you solve your eLearning dilemmas.

From quick course authoring using Articulate 360: Rise to more complex interactions using Articulate 360 Storyline; we can take your standard training materials and bring them to life. The infographic below simplifies the differences between these course authoring tools.  

Let us help you navigate your solutions by changing standard training materials.

Select the image below to discover multiple solutions.

Programming _edited.jpg
eLearning: Welcome
Storyline vs Rise.png

Articulate Rise Course

Click on the picture below to check it out!

Conflict M.jpg

This is an example of a course about Conflict Management for new managers that was created using Articulate Rise. We followed the typical ID procedures by digging into pre-existing PowerPoint slides, researched for expert data, created a storyboard, and then created this Rise course utilizing adult learning theory such as chunking and using scenarios for real-world practice. And this just scratches the surface of what we can do.

eLearning: Projects
Therapy Session
Articulate Storyline Training

For more complex learning interactions

Articulate Storyline is very versatile. It allows a wide range of engaging interactions and allows for audio, video, and text to be blended into eLearning. This is an example of how to create a quiz using Google forms, that blends an explainer video, Vyond animation, and Storyline interactive. 

Click on the button to view the course.

eLearning: About Me
Vyond and Camtasia videos

Great way to use microlearning about topics. 

We received both IDOL badges for being "Camtasia Skilled" and "Professional Vyond Animations/Movie Magic" from the IDOL Academy for learning and using Vyond and Camtasia.

This is a basic Vyond video that was created to explain why organizations should choose Winslow's Winning Solutions to help with their training and eLearning needs. We used the voice options provided by Vyond as the voice-over but we can provide voice-over services. Contact us now if you need an eLearning video to enhance your training or eLearning. It is a great way to use microlearning for short topics. 

eLearning: Video
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